Let’s work together
against match-fixing
and betting-fraud
in sports

The e-learning tool enables committed stakeholders (law enforcement authorities, betting regulators and operators, government agencies and sport governing bodies, mainly) to work together against match-fixing and betting-fraud in sports.

To raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding the integrity of sport and of its irreplaceable role in European society, with a special focus on grassroots sports.

Specialized training modules against match-fixing and betting-fraud in sports. Sign up today…



Contribute to an overall strengthening of the system by enabling and easing methods of exchange of information, identification of the correct action to adopt in face of a given threat and increased awareness of all key-stakeholders in face of match-fixing.

Promote capacity building and awareness raising through the European Pyramid of Sports, with a focus at grassroots levels.

Module 1 Match-fixing and betting in Sport
Historical perspective
Module 2 – Current betting market
and opportunity structures for frauds
Module 3 Match-fixing and betting-fraud prevention
at the European and national levels: which policies and which initiatives were implemented?
Module 4 Betting practices among sport actors:
Traditions, historical practices and current perceptions
Module 5 AND 6 Whistle-blower protection in Sport and Lessons
for an effective implementation of the European Directive